• leather,woolvarsityjacketr-17-MTP1
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  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-18-FlyingSteps1
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-18-FlyingSteps2
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-11-straightedgeeagle01
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  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-10-foreveryflying01
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  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-09-starnbergargonauts01
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-09-starnbergargonauts02
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-08-muenchen-rangers01
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-08-muenchen-rangers02
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-07-vares01
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-07-vares02
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-06-cuttingcollege01
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-06-cuttingcollege02
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-03-nürnbergrams01
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-03-nürnbergrams02
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-01-knights01
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-01-knights02
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-13-kegeln01
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-13-kegeln02
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-05-kissingerwoelfe01
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-05-kissingerwoelfe02
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-12-scropions01
  • leather,woolvarsityjacketr-12-scropions02

Similar to the American model, these jackets convince with the classic material combination of a wool body and genuine leather sleeves. The numerous possible colors of wool and leather give you the opportunity to equip your team, your club, or your co-workers with unique high quality varsity jackets. The cool varsity look is completed by the included embroideries  or (felt) applications on the back, the chest and the sleeves -always with a design of your choice!

The essentials at a glance:

  • High quality cowhide leather used for the sleeves
  • Over 10 genuine leather colors to choose from and more that 10 selectable wool colors
  • Weatherproof and warm
  • Sizes XXS to 7XL available

The sleeves of this jacket type are made from genuine cowhide leather in the color of your choice. There are over 10 different leather colors you can choose from.

Please note: The leather used here is a 100% natural product. Therefore little changes in the material’s color and thickness can not be ruled out.
Color chart: VARES – GenuineLeatherColors

The jacket’s body is made from 100% sheep wool. You can choose from over 10 different colors. If the color you are looking for is not among the basic available colors, we can also dye the wool in the Pantone shade of your choice.

Please note: Wool, a natural material is used here. So little differences in the color of the wool can not be ruled out.
Color chart: VARES – WoolColors

The finishes are made from polyester. They can be freely styled by you.

We use metal buttons with a dyed plastic cap in the color of your choice. Another option is to select metal buttons with no plastic cap. The selectable colors are black, white, silver and bronze.

The genuine leather / wool jackets manufactured by VARES are available from 10 piece onwards. The prices always include embroideries or felt applications on the back, the front or on the sleeves.

Please feel free to use the contact form on our website to get in touch with our sales team. Right after receiving your email will forward your request to the resellers responsible for your country. 24 hours later you will have an offer on your table! Thanks for your interested in our services and products! We are looking forward to hearing from you.