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These jackets stand out thanks to the eminently high quality of their artificial leather and the high number of selectable artificial leather colors. Due to the many colors varieties available you can easily style your own unique team jackets. Besides this, you can further customize your jackets with embroideries or applications on the chest, sleeve and back, which are included in the price.

The essentials at a glance:

  • High quality artificial leather in more than 30 selectable colors
  • Weatherproof and warm
  • Sizes XXS to 7XL available

The sleeves of this particular jacket type are made from high quality artificial leather. You can freely select the color from over 25 different color shades.

Color chart: VARES – ArtificialLeatherColors

The jacket’s body is made for 100% sheep wool. More than 10 different colors are available. If the color your are looking for is not amongst them, we can also dye the wool in a Pantone shade of your choosing.

Please note: A natural material is used. This is why slight differences in the color of the wool can not be ruled out.
Color chart: VARES – WoolColors

All finishes are made from 100% polyester. The number and color of the striped can be freely styled by you.

The buttons used for our jackets are made from metal and have a dyed plastic cap. You may freely select the buttons’ color from a wide range of options. Metal buttons without plastic caps may also be selected. The available colors in this case are black, white, silver and bronze.

Our artificial leather / wool jackets are available through our resellers, from 10 pieces onwards. Three embroideries or felt applications, on the chest, back or sleeves, are always included in the offers.

Please use the form to contact us. We will then inform our resellers located in your country, to get in touch with you within the next 24 hours. We are looking forward to your requests and questions concerning our products and services.